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Buty O'Neill HEAT 3MM ST

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Buty O'Neill HEAT 3MM ST

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Buty O'Neill HEAT 3MM ST BLK 3367

The 2012 boot line consists of a complete overhaul on our top end boots and reflect the expertly designed features and attention to detail you have to come expect from O’Neill.

Exterior: Fluid Foam
Interior: Fluid Foam
Features: Torsion Control Forefoot
Glued and Blindstiched Seams
Top Shin Strap: Anti-Flush
Split Toe (ST)
Durable Textured Rubber Sole

From the very first surf boot Jack built in the 1960’s to the patented SuperFreak of the 90’s (US Patent No. 5,913,592), O’Neill has always put our best foot forward when it comes to innovative boot invention and design. This season’s newly designed boot program is the optimum in quality, fit and functionality. All the best materials combined with the latest in construction methods, hand built to perfection with the utmost attention to every detail. We’ve put these things to the test, climbing over barnacles and barbed wire fences on the way out to nameless cold water reefs and point breaks. Don’t let punishing cold and rugged terrain keep you from the barrel of a lifetime. O’Neill boots, “It’s always Summer on the inside”.




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Buty O'Neill HEAT 3MM ST

Buty O'Neill HEAT 3MM ST

Buty O'Neill HEAT 3MM ST

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